The Universal Commitment

At Universal Adjusting Services your interests are our interests. When your building is struck by a vehicle or natural disaster, we will send our trained estimating, structural engineering team. They will access the damage and get the correct plans and blue prints, file the claim, review your policy coverage, and determine replacement value. Often we may start repairs even before the insurance company issues their claim payments, as the insurance company often takes several months to issue the first check. Our main focus is to put your family or business back into your building as soon as possible. Our policy is to always provide you with updates as your claim and reconstruction progresses, at any time you wish. Please understand that insurance company adjusters must 1st serve the interests of their employer (insurance company).


Fires, Wind, and Floods are disasters

Recovering is often far more work than a typical remodeling contractor can handle. Universal Adjusting Services has contractors with the experience that you need. They know how to access the structural integrity of a property after damage and how to reconstruct it.

Universal Adjusting Services off ers adjustment and reconstruction after :

Fire Lightning Strike
Flood Tornado
Windstorm Theft
Vandalism Earthquake
Hail Hurricane
Mold Smoke Damage
Commercial Residential
What the people say:

“Wife and I were out of town , In the middle of the night , our phone was ringing it was ADT our security system informing us flood in our house. Public adjuster from Universal Adjusting Services, he explained his position and gave us reasons why we should hire a public adjuster. Because of them in less than a month our claim was settled to our satisfaction.”

Edward Morales

“I was trying to handle my insurance claim by myself for damages to my roof. Insurance company send one of their adjusters, which truly under estimated my damages. I hired Universal Adjusting Services insurance company started to take me more seriously. Their experienced estimator which was able to get me a large settlement for my roof damage.”

M. Gordon

Why You Need a Public Adjuster

Universal Adjusting Services has Public Adjusters which are trained on how to get the best settlement of your claim. Often times they have increased the claim from 25-75% and occasionally more. Our public adjusters will handle all meetings with the insurance company, freeing you (the owner) from the confusing paperwork, thus expediting the claim and getting you paid faster.

The Best Way to Settle Claims

The fire has been extinguished, but that is only the beginning. The fire department has completed its work. Now its time for you to begin the process of repairing the fire, smoke, and water damage. All the decisions you make will affect the settlement of your claim and your future.

Your insurance company’s representative is looking through the eyes of their employer, the insurance company. As loss consultants, we work only for you, the insured, to understand your needs and to explain your options.

24 Hours Emergency Services

In case of fire, flood, weather damage, water damage, vandalism, car crashes, emergency, and disaster or for any reason you need.

Temporary Housing
Temporary Electric
Debris Removal
Contents Removal
On-Site Cleaning