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My wife and I were out of town , In the middle of the night , our phone was ringing it was ADT our security system informing us flood in our house. The next early morning we headed back home. Soon we heard someone knocking at our front door. It was a public adjuster from Universal Adjusting Services, he explained his position and gave us reasons why we should hire a public adjuster. Because of them in less than a month our claim was settled to our satisfaction. I strongly recommend to us this company for any claims.

Edward Morales

I was trying to handle my insurance claim by myself for damages to my roof. Insurance company send one of their adjusters, which truly under estimated my damages. Once I hired Universal Adjusting Services insurance company started to take me more seriously. Universal Adjusting Services sent out their experienced building estimator which was able to get me a large settlement for my roof damage.

M. Gordon

In November of 2011, my family and I experienced something tragic in our home, a fire. The house was in flames and there were fire fighters, police officers, ambulances, and about 10 different adjustment companies. A gentleman from Universal Adjusting Services walked up to me with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee and pulled me to the side and showed me support and comfort that many people do not offer. Universal adjusting then provided temporary housing in a great convenient neighborhood for my family and I. Immediately after the fire, Universal Adjusting Company was taking care of everything from calling my insurance company to repairing my house. My home was ready in no time and my family and I were excited to go back to the place that we call home. Unfortunately, we were unable to recover most of our personal belongings that had many meanings and memories, but now we have a beautiful home to continue our lives in and make many more memories. Thank You Universal Adjusting Services.

The Jacob’s Family

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